The school building is divided into separate blocks :

Each block is secured with Entry and Exit Gates guarded by the Security Guards.

The building has –

Student activities are an integral part of the school program. One purpose of student activities is to provide opportunities for students to be involved in the life of the school. Students experience leadership opportunities that help them grow into well-rounded adults.


Sri U.G. Reddy has been the Secretary for UN Council for Andhra Pradesh which functions under the Directive of DEO. The DEO is the Ex-officio chairman of UN Council for A.P. Under the secretaryship of Sri U.G. Reddy the UN Council for A.P has been working to encourage and develop leadership qualities among students. The U.N Chapter started four decades ago provides platform for students to showcase their talent. The Commissioner and Director of School Education, A.P. is the Ex-Officio Chairman for the UN celebrations. The Department of Education, the D.E.O. of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Districts and The Commissioner and Director of School Education see that all schools participating in all the activities conducted during the celebrations. The department sends circulars to all the schools in the District and State to participate in the celebrations.

The celebration begins with hoisting the U.N. flag on 24th October, the UN day by the Chief Guest followed by administering the pledge, colourful march past and mass display. It is a two-week long affair with events such as Model Session, Intra India Morning, International Evening, Essay Writing Competition, on the spot drawing competition, competitions in dance and music etc.

Intra India Morning – a colourful programme of dance and drama, depicting the rich cultural heritage, with the theme being peace is the highlight of the celebration.

The Model Session is prepared on the lines of UN General Assembly in which students of different schools represent different countries and discuss the burning issues and offer solutions to tackle the issues.

Intra India Evening – an informal get together of the foreign nationals is held to propose a toast for world peace. Various competitions like UN Essay Writing, on the spot painting are conducted.


To initiate students into developing leadership qualities, the school management started the School Parliament modelled after the Indian Parliament. The first school cabinet was installed in the year 1989. The school Cabinet and the Parliament play a vital role in inculcating the Democratic Principles and practices in the students and lay a strong foundation for the future Parliamentarians and Legislators. The selected students of the Senior Classes are designated to be the President, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, Speaker, Ministers and Cabinet Members. An Opposition is also formed to have the counter balance to the School Parliament. The portfolios are conferred to the office bearers in a colourful Investiture Ceremony.

The School Parliament meets thrice in the academic year and a debate and discussion is carried out on the important issues relating to affairs of the school. All the office bearers are given the responsibility of providing the student support to the Management in the daily affairs of the school.


Trinity College of London is an International Examination Board, fully accredited in the United Kingdom as an independent awarding body for proficiency in English language usage. Trinity has been conducting Examinations since 2005 and St. Joseph’s Public School has been the first Examination centre in Hyderabad since then.

Trinity’s Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE) provides a reliable and valid scheme of assessment through which learners can measure progress and development of their language usage. There are 12 progressively graded examination designed for a continuous measure of linguistic competence from an absolute beginner to full mastery.

St. Joseph’s Public School has been training students for the past 14 years and students have always secured Distinction and Merit in the examination. GESE gives an edge to get into the best Universities for students pursuing their studies abroad.


The NCC – Wing of our school was started in 2003 with 100 cadets. Over the years the number has grown considerably. Today the NCC Wing comprises both boys and girls who participate enthusiastically in all NCC – activities. The students are trained by a qualified II Officer of NCCJ, 1 Andhra Battalion NCC, A.P. Region.

The NCC practice sessions are conducted on every Monday and Tuesday from 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. A student of class 8 can seek admission into 2 years NCC course. The cadets will have to attend one NCC camp compulsorily to be eligible for A – Certificate. All the participants attend yearly camp organized at Bison Training Ground, Secunderabad and APPA Grounds, Rajendranagar.

Student activities are an integral part of the school program. One purpose of student activities is to provide opportunities for students to be involved in the life of the school. Students experience leadership opportunities that help them grow into well-rounded adults.

Literary Club

To meet the demands of modern life, an all-round personality development is important.  The students are exposed to various literary activities to reduce their inhibitions and emerge as strong personalities ready to face the challenges of the world.  Speaking eloquently makes effective communication possible which perhaps creates eminent leaders who strive to achieve their desired goals.  The club fosters creativity and nurtures the talents of young minds. The students are trained in poetry recitation, storytelling, elocution, declamation, debate & hand-writing helping them to develop linguistic skills and thus facilitate students to build their confidence.  

Astro Club

The Astro Club called ‘NAKSHATRA’ established in 2008 has two modules for the students of classes VI, VII & VIII. The Club Sessions are conducted for the students of classes VI, VII & VIII in which they learn about planets and different constellations. They learn how to operate the telescope and view the celestial objects through high-defined telescopes.

The evening observation is conducted in the school premises on the Full Moon Day in the month of November. The students have opportunity to observe the Moon, craters on the moon, Jupiter, the moons of Jupiter, the Pole Star and Mars.

The night observation session is conducted in the month of January when the students are taken to Keesaragutta. In the night observation session, the students go for star gazing and observe the rising and setting of the constellations through powerful telescope.

Every year, on 22nd or 23rd September ‘Equinox Day’ is observed. Students participate in the scientific programme to find the diameter of the earth. ‘World Space Week’ is also observed from 4th October to 10th October every year.

The students are taken to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at SriHarikota where the students get hands on experience in space science.

The students are given a certificate as an ‘Amateur Astronomer’ after the completion of the course of the Astro Club.

ECO Club

ECO Club of the school was started in 2006 with a motive to create awareness about depletion of resources, issues of Global Warming, Climate change, acid rain etc and to train young generation as environmental saviours.

The school was the proud host of TRASH (Thinking, Reflecting, Action for a Sustainable Habitat ) a programme organized by TERI ( The Energy Resource Institute, New Delhi ) in 2012. The Eco Club students had the opportunity of meeting and interacting with Mr. Robert Swan, an International Polar Explorer and Environmental Champion. Around 1000 students along with 200 teachers of our school participated along with the other school students. Students attend and participate in the National Workshop group activities conducted by TERI every year.

WOW (Wealth out of Waste)

WOW (Wealth out of Waste) organizes book exchange programme every year in the school premises. Tons of old notebook and newspaper are exchanged with new notebooks and stationery.

Eco rallies, planting saplings and participating in workshops are regular activities of the ECO Club. The school has been awarded the ‘Best Performing School’ for the five consecutive years by TERI.

Regional Association

The Association of ICSE & ISC schools was formed in 1997 with St. Joseph’s Public School, King Koti, Hyderabad as its Registered Office. The ICSE & ISC Schools in A.P and Telangana regions are brought under this umbrella for better coordination among schools in working towards providing holistic education to the students. Every year all the member principals meet to share and discuss important issues pertaining to ICSE & ISC curriculum.

Every year students get an opportunity to participate in literary (Debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Quiz, Drawing & Painting) and sports (Basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, lawn tennis, Badminton, Cricket, swimming & Athletics) competitions conducted by the Association. The winners in these competitions participate in the National Competitions conducted by the All India Association, New Delhi.

The National Sports Certificate issued for winners at National level is considered a bonafide document for seeking admission for higher education

The Association with the motive to enhance the skills of the teachers organizes workshop in various subjects in the beginning of the Academic year. The teachers are equipped with new methodology in delivering the subject content to the students.

Seminars for Students

Every year Seminars and Workshops are organized for students in which eminent personalities from different fields address the students. The seminars enlighten the students on Personality Development, Career Guidance, Skill development etc. Field trips are also organized wherein the students are exposed to the real time working of concepts such as Management, Accounting, Banking, language skills, concepts in science & social studies etc.

To develop aesthetic sense Field trips to NIFT, Art Gallaries & Handloom Villages (Pochampally, Gadwal etc) are organized.

Workshop for Teachers

To enhance the skills required for the teaching process, regular workshops for Teachers of all subjects are organized every year. Most experienced Resource persons in different subjects are invited to conduct the workshops wherein the teachers are exposed to new and different methods of dealing with the subject and imparting the same to the students.

Educational Tours

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“. To break the monotony of classroom environment and make learning more effective, tours and trips are organized for students of all classes. Students visit places of importance and natural beauty in India. They return from tours and local excursions with a rejuvenated mind and body which makes a positive effect on their academics.

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